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Donating to the Aromeiazero will cause more children to pedal and enjoy childhood as it should be.

Choice one of the plans below or donate any amount, publicize the campaign so that we can do more. 

You can also make a deposit!

CNPJ: 16.403.490/0001-07
Nome do banco: Itaú Unibanco S.A.
Número do banco: 341
Número da agência: 1664
Conta corrente: 28458-3

 Our goals are:

Increase the number of participants in the "Zero Wheel".

We want more children pedaling, with autonomy and without wheels.

Putting more bikes in the "Community Offices".

Attend the children that arrives up to two hours in advance to pick up a place in the queue.


We will disclose monthly how much we collect and how we spend the money.
Believe: a bicycle can change a child's life for the better.

Believe: a bicycle can change a child's life for the better. Pedal with us.

Still not convinced?

Wondering, "Why take it out of the room and take it to the street?" We explain: because today children still suffer in cities, suffocated with little space and many delicious treats. Adults do their best but they are also judged as villains, oblivious and negligent. Keys and more screens are everywhere, applications make the smartphone the new audience champion. (Nothing against it!) We love technology! Imagine what it would be like for us without electric coffee makers and gifs? But the numbers of obesity, diabetes and sedentary life scares everyone.

Aro does not want to talk only with the "converts", only with who already is a cyclist or loves to bike. We also want to bring near to the bike (and all that it brings good) who still does not believe in the bike. Even those who do not give no guarantee that they will enjoy cycling in the future: children. From the first day, from the first Pedal Zezinho in 2011 next to Casa do Zezinho in Capão Redondo, the children already queued two hours before Aro arrived. We learn that cycling can be a (great) excuse for people to connect with each other and with the community in general. A bike is still irresistible in the eyes of a child. A machine capable of taking it back into the future.

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