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Handmade in small villages in Java, Indonesia, teak root furniture is full of character, solid and durable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor , each piece will be completely unique with the exact shape guided by the natural formation of the roots. It has rich deep colour tones and is very tactile.

What Can Be Made from Teak Roots?

Actually, we can make almost any furniture item from the teak root, but to be honest there are only a few items that look good when using root, here is our opinion of that item:

1. Teak Root Coffee Table

A coffee table made of teak root would be a nice addition to your living room, it mostly comes in round and square shape. But since you will mostly put drinks and food on the table, a glass top is a must in our opinion. Here is some example of the coffee table made from the teak root.

teak root furniture

2. Dining Table

Same as a coffee table, but bigger. most of the teak root dining table is a round shape with a glass tabletop. With a round shape, we can get the maximum diameter of the tree root, and also it looks nicer for the dining table.

Teak Root Furniture

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